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Bloodforged is an Alliance-side World of Warcraft guild on the Thorium Brotherhood realm. We are a diverse, stable, and tight-knit community of adults who also enjoy end-game raiding content. Our members are a coalition of players from all walks of life and all stages of the game. We are young and old, starting or ending our careers. But we are all a team, and we take pride in our teamwork, and enjoy finding ways to improve it. We enjoy accomplishing the impossible, and enjoy the sense of community that comes from overcoming shared difficulties. We are forged in the blood of our enemies, the blood from defeats, and the blood of our kinship. We are Bloodforged.

Times change. Bloodforged is no longer an active raiding guild. We'll miss you, BF.

R.I.P. Kilim (Daniel West)
Ta'yak That!
news image

With Galise still recovering we decided to not jump into Throne of Thunder and instead headed into Heart of Fear to work on clearing it. After a pretty quick kill on Zor'lok we started working on Ta'yak. We managed to get to phase 2 on the first attempt and from there it was getting people used to dodging tornadoes and timing the jump into the slip stream. After a wipe with Ta'yak under 1% (and the two tanks taking him from 3% to 1%), we managed to time everything right on the next attempt and got a fairly clean kill.


Choker of the Unleashed Storm Kilim

Edit by Alamexia: I find it extremely intriguing that the very last piece of progression loot that was posted on here went to Kilim. He was with us until the end. We'll miss you, buddy.
Zor'lok Clocked
This is rather late, but we actually had three progression kills last lockout. After defeating Elegon and Emperor's Will we used our next raid day to work on Imperial Vizier Zor'lok. We had made attempts on Zor'lok in the past and even gotten him under 20% a few times, but attenuation and mind controls did us in. On this night people figured out how to dance on attenuation and deal with the mind controls (though Moseley and Ezri MCed at the same time still sucks) and we walked away victorius.


Attenuating Bracers Aenora
Vizier's Ruby Signet Rhion
Elegone and Our Will Be Done
After more than a month of attempts (some not so serious), and trying many different strategies, our band of heroes walked in and downed Elegon on the first attempt of the night. We had to revert to a two healing strategy with Rhion being under the weather. Tyke went down early but was able to get a rez and make it to the first set of orbs in time. The rest of the fight went rather smoothly and finished quite dramatically with Pitch dealing the killing blow just as his life drained away.


Elegion, the Fanged Crescent Tykem
Phasewalker Striders Moseley

With more than two hours left before the raid was to end we headed in to try Will of the Emperor. The fight proved to be almost exactly like its LFR counterpart and after a few attempts where Lillysnap learned how to do the dance, we were able to down it and clear Mogu'shan Vaults. After Elegon this final encounter proved to be almost too easy.


Enameled Grips of Solemnity Shamsses
Jang-xi's Devastating Legplates DEed

news imageBloodforgedpedia is the #5 site on the web and serves 450 million different people every month – with billions of page views.

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Bloodforgedpedia Guild Master

One Pitchifus beats Four Kings
After only six pulls we managed to take down the Four Kings encounter. This proved to be the easiest encounter to learn by far with most raiders having seen the LFR version and very little difference in the mechanics. Of course this was yet another "Last Attempt" kill, continuing our streak for this expansion. Pitchifus and Moseley were the only ones left standing when the kings went down and Pitchifus killed off Moseley to be the last druid standing. Pitch, Moseley and Rhion had taken care of the last 4 or 5% to secure the kill.


Screaming Tiger, Qiang's Unbreakable Polearm Hopspring
Bracers of Dark Thoughts Moseley
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